Matthew Bible

Ezra 2

The number that return, of the people,

Ezra 2:1 These are the children of the land that went vp oute of the captyuite (whom Nabuchodonozor the kynge of Babylon had caryed awaye vnto Babilon) and came again vnto Ierusalem and into Iuda, euery one vnto hys cyty, Ezra 2:2 and came with Zorobabel Iesua, Nehemiah, Saraiah, Raelaiah, Mardochai, Belfan, Mesphar, Begauai, Rehum, and Baanah. This is now the nombre of the men of the people of Israel. Ezra 2:3 The children of Phares, two thousande, an hundred, and two and seuenty: Ezra 2:4 the chyldren of Saphatiah thre hundred and two and seuenty: Ezra 2:5 the children of Arath, seuen hundred and fyue and seuenty: Ezra 2:6 the children of Pahath Moab amonge the chyldren of Iesua Ioab, two thousand eyght hundred and twelue: Ezra 2:7 the children of Elam, a thousande, two hundred and foure and fyfty: Ezra 2:8 the chyldren of Zethua, nyne hundred, and fyue and fourtye: Ezra 2:9 the chyldren of Sacai, seuen hundred and thre skore: Ezra 2:10 the children of Bani, syxe hundred & two and fourty: Ezra 2:11 the chyldren of Bebai, syxe hundred and thre and twenty: Ezra 2:12 the chyldren of Asgad, a thousande two hundred & two and twenty: Ezra 2:13 the children of Adonicam, syxe hundred & syxe & syxtye: Ezra 2:14 the children of Beguai, two thousand and syxe and fyftye: Ezra 2:15 the children of Adin, foure hundred & foure and fiftye: Ezra 2:16 the children of Ater of Hezekiah, eight and nyntye: Ezra 2:17 the chyldren of Bezai, thre hundred and thre and twenty: Ezra 2:18 the children of Iorath, an hundred and twelue: Ezra 2:19 the chyldren of Hasum, two hundred and thre & twentye: Ezra 2:20 the chyldren of Gebar, fiue and nynety: Ezra 2:21 the chyldren of Bethlehem, an hundred and thre & twenty: Ezra 2:22 the men of Netopha, syxe and fyfty: Ezra 2:23 the men of Anathoth, an hundred, and eight and twenty: Ezra 2:24 the chyldren of Asmaueth, two and fourty: Ezra 2:25 the children of Kariath Iarim, Cephirah & Beeroth, seuen hundred and thre and fourty: Ezra 2:26 the chyldren of Ramah and Gabaah, syxe hundred and one & twenty: Ezra 2:27 the men of Michmas, an hundred and two and twenty: Ezra 2:28 the men of Bethel and Ai, two hundred and thre and twentye: Ezra 2:29 the chyldren of Nebo, two and fyfty: Ezra 2:30 the chyldren of Magbis, an hundred and syxe and fyfty: Ezra 2:31 the chyldren of the other Elam, a thousande, two hundred and foure and fyfty: Ezra 2:32 the children of Harim, thre hundred and twenty: Ezra 2:33 the chyldren of Lodhadid and Ono, seuen hundred and fyue and twenty: Ezra 2:34 the children of Iericho, thre hundred and fyue and fourtye: Ezra 2:35 the chyldren of Senaah, thre thousande, syxe hundred and thyrtye.

of the priests,

Ezra 2:36 The pryestes. The chyldren of Iedaiah of the house of Iesua, nyne hundred and thre & seuenty: Ezra 2:37 the chyldren of Emer, a thousand, & two and fifty: Ezra 2:38 the children of Phashur, a thousande and two hundred, and seuen and fourty: Ezra 2:39 the chyldren of Harim, a thousande and seuentene.

of the Levites,

Ezra 2:40 The Leuites. The chyldren of Iesua and Cadmiel of the chyldren of Hodaniah, foure and seuenty.

Ezra 2:41 The syngers, the chyldren of Asaph, an hundred & eyght & twenty.

Ezra 2:42 The children of the dorekepers. The chyldren of Selum, the children of Ater, the chyldren of Talmon, the chyldren of Akub, the chyldren of Hatita, and the chyldren of Sobai: alltogether an hundred and nyne and thyrtye.

of the Nethinims,

Ezra 2:43 The Nethinims, the chyldren of Ziba, the children of Hasupha, the chyldren of Tabaoth, Ezra 2:44 the chyldren of Ceros, the children of Sicha, the children of Phadon, Ezra 2:45 the chyldren of Lebanah, the chyldren of Hagabah, the chyldren of Acub, Ezra 2:46 the children of Hagab, the children of Samlai, the children of Hanan, Ezra 2:47 the chyldren of Gadel, the chyldren of Gahar, the chyldren of Reaiah, Ezra 2:48 the chyldren of Razin, the chyldren of Necuba, the children of Gazan, Ezra 2:49 the children of Osa, the chyldren of Phasseah, the chyldren of Bessai, Ezra 2:50 the children of Asena, the chyldren of Meunim, the chyldren of Nephussim, Ezra 2:51 the chyldren of Bacbuc, the children of Hacupha, the chyldren of Harbur, Ezra 2:52 the chyldren of Bezelut, the chyldren of Mahira, the chyldren of Harsa, Ezra 2:53 the children of Barcom, the chyldren of Sisara, the chyldren of Thamah, Ezra 2:54 the chyldren of Nezian, the chyldren of Hatipha.

of Solomon's servants,

Ezra 2:55 The chyldren of Salomons seruauntes. The chyldren of Sotai, the chyldren of Sophereth, the chyldren of Pharuda, Ezra 2:56 the children of Iaalah, the chyldren of Darcon, the children of Gedel, Ezra 2:57 the children of Saphatiah, the children of Hattil, the chyldren of Pochereth of Zebalui, the children of Ami. Ezra 2:58 Al the Nethinims and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes were alltogether, thre hundred and two and nyntye. Ezra 2:59 And these went vp also, Thelmelah, Thel Harsa, Cherub, Adon and Enier. But they could not shewe their fathers house nor theyr sede, whether they were of Israel. Ezra 2:60 The chyldren of Dalaiah, the chyldren of Tobiah, the chyldren of Necoda, syxe hundred and two & fyfty.

Ezra 2:61 And of the children of the priestes. The chyldren of Hobaiah, the chyldren of Hakoz, the chyldren of Berzilai, whyche toke one of the doughters of Berzilai the Galaadite to wyfe, and was counted amonge the same names:

of the priests which could not show their pedigree.

Ezra 2:62 these soughte the register of their byrth, and founde none, therfore were they put from the priesthode. Ezra 2:63 And Hathirsatha sayde vnto them, that they shoulde not eate of the moste holy, til there rose vp a pryest with the light and perfectnesse.

The whole number of them, with their substance.

Ezra 2:64 The whole congregacion as one man, was two and fourty thousande, thre hundred and thre skore: Ezra 2:65 besyde their seruauntes and maydens, of whome there were seuen thousande thre hundred & seuen and thirtye. And they had two hundred syngyng men and wemen, Ezra 2:66 seuen hundred and syxe and thyrtye horses, two hundred and fyue and fourtye Mules, Ezra 2:67 foure hundred and fyue & thirtye Camels, & syxe thousand, seuen hundred & twentie Asses.

Their oblations.

Ezra 2:68 And certayne of the chefe fathers, when they came to the house of the Lorde at Ierusalem, they offered wyllyngly vnto the house of God, that it shoulde be set in his place, Ezra 2:69 and gaue after their abylyte vnto the treasure of the worcke, one and threskore thousand drammes, and fyue thousande pounde of syluer and an hundred pryestes garmentes. Ezra 2:70 So the pryestes and the Leuites, and certayne of the people and the syngers, and the porters, and the Nethinims dwelt in their cities, and all Israell in their cyties.

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