Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 12

The type of Ezekiel's removing.

Ezekiel 12:1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 12:2 Thou sonne of man, thou dwellest in the myddest of a frowarde housholde: whiche haue eyes to se, and yet se not: eares haue they to hear, & yet heare thei not, for they are an obstinate housholde. Ezekiel 12:3 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) make thy gere ready to flyt, and go forth by fayre daye lyghte, that they may se. Yea euen in theyr syght shalt thou go from thy place to another place: yf peraduenture they wyll consydre, that they be an vnobedyente housholde. Ezekiel 12:4 Thy gere that thou hast made redy to flyt withal, shalt thou bear oute by fayre daye lyghte, that they maye se: and thou thy selfe shalte go forth also at euen in theyr sighte, as a man doeth when he flytteth. Ezekiel 12:5 Dygge thorowe the wall, that they may se, & beare thorowe it the same thing, that thou tokest vp Ezekiel 12:6 in theyr sight. As for thy selfe, thou shalte go forth in the darcke. Hyde thy face þt thou se not the earthe, for I haue made the a shewtoken vnto the house of Israel. Ezekiel 12:7 Nowe as the Lorde commaunded me, so I dyd: the gere þt I had made ready, brought I oute by daye. At euen I brake doune an hole thorowe the wall with my hande: & when it was darcke, I toke the gere vpon my shoulders, and bare them oute in theyr syghte.

It sheweth the captivity of Zedekiah.

Ezekiel 12:8 And in the mornynge, came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 12:9 Thou sonne of man, yf Israell that frowarde houshold aske the, and saye: what doest thou there? Ezekiel 12:10 Then tel them: Thus saith the Lorde God: Thys punyshmente toucheth the chefe rulers at Ierusalem, & all the house of Israell, that dwel amonge them: Ezekiel 12:11 Tell them: I am youre shewtoken: lyke as I haue done, so shall it happen vnto you: Flyt shall ye also, and go into captyuyte. Ezekiel 12:12 The chefest that is amonge you, shall lade hys shoulders in the darcke, and get him awaye. He shall breake doune the wal, to cary stuf there thorowe: He shall couer hys face, þt he se not the grounde, with his eyes. Ezekiel 12:13 My lyne wyll I sprede oute vpon hym, & catche him in my net, & carye hym to Babylon, in the lande of the Caldees: whiche he shall not se, and yet shall he dye there. Ezekiel 12:14 As for al his helpers, & all hys hostes, that be aboute hym, I wyll scatre them towarde all the wyndes, and drawe out a sweard after them. Ezekiel 12:15 So when I haue scatred them amonge the Heathen, and strowed them in the landes, they shall knowe, that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 12:16 But I wyll leaue a lytle nombre of them from the swearde, hunger and pestilence: to tell all theyr abhomynacyons amonge the Heathen, where they come, that they maye knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.

Ezekiel's trembling sheweth the Jews' desolation.

Ezekiel 12:17 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 12:18 Thou sonne of man: wyth a fearfull tremblynge shalte thou eate thy breade, with carefulnesse & sorowe shalte thou drincke thy water. Ezekiel 12:19 And vnto the people of the lande, speake thou on thys maner: Thus sayeth the Lorde God, to them that dwell in Ierusalem, & to the lande of Israel: Ye shall eate youre breade with sorowe, and drincke youre water with heuynesse: Yea the lande with the fulnesse therof shalbe layde waste, for the wickednesse of them that dwell therin. Ezekiel 12:20 And the cyties that nowe be well occupyed, shall be voyde, and the lande desolate: that ye maye knowe, how that I am the Lorde.

The Jews' presumptuous proverb is reproved.

Ezekiel 12:21 Yet came the worde of the Lorde vnto me agayne, sayinge: Ezekiel 12:22 Thou sonne of man, what maner of byworde is that, whiche ye vse in þe lande of Israel, sayinge: Thus, seynge that the dayes are so slacke in commynge, all the visyons are of none effecte: Ezekiel 12:23 Tell them therfore: thus sayth the Lorde God: I wil make that by worde to ceasse, so that it shal no more be commonlye vsed in Israel. But saye this vnto them: The dayes are at hande, that euery thinge whiche hath bene prophecyed, shalbe fulfylled. Ezekiel 12:24 There shal no visyon be in vayne, neyther anye prophecye fayle amonge the chyldren of Israel: Ezekiel 12:25 For it is I the Lorde, that speake it: and whatsoeuer I the Lorde speake, it shall be perfourmed, & not be slacke in commynge. Yea euen in youre dayes (O ye frowarde housholde) wyll I deuyce some thynge, and brynge it to passe, sayeth the Lord God.

The speediness of the vision.

Ezekiel 12:26 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying: Ezekiel 12:27 Beholde, thou sonne of man: The house of Israel saye in this maner: Tushe, as for the vysion that he hath sene, it wil be many a day or it come to passe: Is it farre of it, the thyng that he prophecyeth. Ezekiel 12:28 Therfore say vnto them: Thus sayth the Lorde GOD: All my wordes shall no more be slacke: Loke what I speake, that same shall come to passe, sayeth the Lorde.

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