Matthew Bible

Exodus 40

The Tabernacle is commanded to be reared,

Exodus 40:1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying: Exodus 40:2 In the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth shalt thou sett vp the habitacion of the tabernacle of wytnesse Exodus 40:3 & put therin þe arcke of witnesse, & couer the arcke wt the vayle, Exodus 40:4 and brynge in the table & apparell it, and brynge in the candelstycke and putte on hys lampes, Exodus 40:5 and sette the cense aultare of Golde before the arcke of wytnes, and put the hangynge of the doore vnto the habitation. Exodus 40:6 And sette the burntofferynge aultare before the dore of the tabernacle of witnes Exodus 40:7 and set the lauour betwene the taberuacle of witnes & the aultare, & put water therein, Exodus 40:8 and make the courte rounde aboute, and sette vp the hanging of the court gate.

and anointed.

Exodus 40:9 And take the anoyntyng oyle and anoynt the habitation & al that is therein, & hallowe it and all that belongeth therto: that it maye be holy. Exodus 40:10 And anoynt the aulter of the burntofferynges & all hys vessels, and sanctify the aulter that it may be most holy. Exodus 40:11 And anoynt also the lauer & his fote, and sanctifye it. Exodus 40:12 Then brynge Aaron and his sonnes vnto the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and washe them wyth water.

Aaron and his sons to be sanctified.

Exodus 40:13 And put vpon Aaron the holy vestementes, and anoynte him & sanctyfye hym that he maye minister vnto me, Exodus 40:14 {Absent from this edition.} Exodus 40:15 that their annointing may be an euerlasting preasthode vnto them thorowe out theyr generation.

Moses performeth all things accordingly.

Exodus 40:16 And Moses dyd accordynge to all that the Lord commaunded him.

Exodus 40:17 Thus was the Tabernacle reared vp the fyrst daye in the fyrste moneth in the seconde yere. Exodus 40:18 And Moses reared vp the tabernacle & fastened his sockettes, and set vp the bordes and put in their barres, & reared vp the pyllers, Exodus 40:19 & spred abrod the tent ouer the habitation, and put the coueringe of the tente an hye aboue it: as the lord commaunded Moses.

Exodus 40:20 And he toke and put the testimony in the arcke, and set the staues to the arcke, & putte the mercy seate an hye vppon the arcke, Exodus 40:21 and brought the arcke into the habitation, & hanged vp the vayle, & couered the arcke of witnes as the Lord commanded Moses.

Exodus 40:22 And he put the table in the tabernacle of wytnesse in the north side of the habitation wythout the vayle, Exodus 40:23 and set the bread in ordre before the Lord, euen as the Lord had commaunded Moses.

Exodus 40:24 And he put the candelsticke in the tabernacle of wytnes ouer agaynste the table in the south syde of the habitation, Exodus 40:25 and sette vp the lampes before the Lorde: as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

Exodus 40:26 And he put the golden altare in the tabernacle of wytnes before the vayle, Exodus 40:27 and brente swete sence thereon as the Lord commaunded Moses.

Exodus 40:28 And set vp the hangynge in the dore of the habitation, Exodus 40:29 and set the burnt offering alter before the dore of the tabernacle of wytnes, & offered burnteofferynges and meate offerynges theron as the lord commaunded Moses.

Exodus 40:30 And he set the lauer betwene the tabernacle of witnes and the aultare, and poured water therin to washe wt all. Exodus 40:31 And both Moses, Aaron & his sonnes washed their handes & their fete therat: Exodus 40:32 boeth when they went into the tabernacle of wytnes, or when they went to the aultare, as the Lord commaunded Moses. Exodus 40:33 And he reared vp the courte rounde about the habitation and the aultare & set vp the hangynge of the court gate: and so Moses finished the worcke.

A cloud covereth the Tabernacle.

Exodus 40:34 And the cloude couered the tabernacle of wytnes, and the glorye of the Lorde fylled the habitation: Exodus 40:35 so that Moses coulde not enter into the Tabernacle of wytnesse bycause the cloude abode therin, and the glory of the Lord filled the habitation. Exodus 40:36 When the cloude was taken vp from of the habitation the children of Israel toke their iourneys as oft as they had iourneyed. Exodus 40:37 And if the cloude departed not, they iourneyed not tyll it departed: Exodus 40:38 for the cloud of the Lord was vpon the habitation by daye, and fyre by nyght: in the syght of all the house of Israell in all theyr iourneys.

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