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2 Kings 1

Moab rebelleth.

2 Kings 1:1 And the Moabites rebelled agaynst Israel after the death of Ahab.

Ahaziah, sending to Baal-zebub, hath his judgment by Elijah.

2 Kings 1:2 And Ohoziah fell thorowe a lattese wyndowe out of an vpper chambre that he had in Samaria, & fell sycke. Then he sent messengers sayinge vnto them: go & enquyre of Beelzebub the God of Akaron, whether I shal recouer of this disease. 2 Kings 1:3 But the Aungell of the Lorde spake vnto Eliah the Thesbite: vp and go agaynst the messengers of the king of Samaria, and say vnto them: Is it because there is no God in Israel, that ye go to aske thorow Beelzebub the God of Akaron. 2 Kings 1:4 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde: thou shalt not come doune from the bedde on which thou art gone vp, but shalt dye. And Eliah departed.

Elijah twice bringeth fire from heaven upon them whom Ahaziah sent to apprehend him.

2 Kings 1:5 And the messengers turned backe agayne vnto him. And he sayde vnto them: why are ye thus come agayne? 2 Kings 1:6 And they sayde vnto him: there came a man against vs & sayde vnto vs: go and turne agayne vnto the kynge that sent you, & saye vnto him. Thus sayth þe lord: It is because there is no God in Israel, that thou sendest to enquyre thorowe Beelzebub þe God of Akaron? Therfore thou shalt not come doune from the bed on which thou art gone vp, but shalt surelye dye. 2 Kings 1:7 And he sayde to them: what maner a man was that whiche met you, and tolde you these wordes? 2 Kings 1:8 And they sayde vnto hym: it was an hearry man and gyrde with a gyrdle of a skinne aboute hys loynes. And he said vnto them: it is Eliah þe Thesbite. 2 Kings 1:9 Then the kynge sent vnto him a capitayne, ouer fyfty with his fyftye. And when the captayne was come to him: beholde, he sat on the toppe of an hyl. And the captayne sayde vnto him: man of God, the kinge biddeth the come doune. 2 Kings 1:10 And Eliah answered and sayde to the captain ouer the fyfty: yf I be a man of God, fyre come doune from heauen and consume the and thy fifty. And there came fyre doune from heauen, & deuoured him & his fifty. 2 Kings 1:11 And the kinge went againe and sent to hym another captayn ouer fyfty with his fyfty, which answered & sayde vnto him: O man of God, thus sayth the kyng, make hast & come doune. 2 Kings 1:12 And Eliah auswered and saide vnto them: yf I be a man of God, then let fyre come doune from heauen & consume þe & thy fifty. And there came fire doune from heauen, and consumed hym, and hys fyftye. And the kinge sent agayne the thyrd capitayne ouer fyfty.

He pitieth the third captian, and, encouraged by an angel, telleth the king of his death.

2 Kings 1:13 And when the third captaine ouer fyfty was come vp to him, he fel on hys knees before Eliah and besought hym & sayde vnto him: Oh man of God, let my lyfe & thy lyfe of these fyfty thy seruauntes be preciouse in thy sight. 2 Kings 1:14 Beholde, there came fyre doune from heauen & burnt vp the two fore captaynes ouer fifty with their fyfties. But let my lyfe nowe be preciouse in thy syghte. 2 Kings 1:15 Then sayde the Aungel of the Lorde vnto Eliah: go doune with him, and be not afrayd of him. And he went doune with him vnto the kinge. 2 Kings 1:16 And he sayde vnto the kinge, thus sayth þe Lorde: for as muche as thou sentest messengers to aske thorowe Beelzebub the God of Akaron, as though there had bene no God in Israel to aske thorow this worde? therfore thou shalt not come of the bed on whiche thou art ascended, but shalt surely dye.

Jehoram succeedeth Ahaziah.

2 Kings 1:17 And so he dyed according to the worde of the lord which Eliah spake, and Iehoram was made king in his stede, the second yeare of Iehoram sonne of Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda, because he had no sonne. 2 Kings 1:18 The rest of the deades of Ohoziah whiche he did, are written in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.

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