Matthew Bible

1 Samuel 13

Saul's selected band.

1 Samuel 13:1 Saul was as a chyld of a yeare old, when he began to raigne. And when he had raygned .ij. yeares ouer Israel, 1 Samuel 13:2 he chose him thre thousand men out of Israel. Two thousand were wyth Saul in Machmas & mount Bethel, & a thousande wyth Ionathas in Gabaah Beniamin. And the rest of the people he sent, euery man to hys owne house.

He calleth the Hebrews to Gilgal against the Philistines, whose garrison Jonathan had smitten.

1 Samuel 13:3 And Ionathas slue the Philistines in an holde they had in Gabaah, & it came to the Philistines eares. And Saul caused the trompet to be blowen thorow out all þe lande, saying: let the Ebrewes heare. 1 Samuel 13:4 And all Israel hearde say, how that Saul had destroyed an holde of the Philistines, and howe that Israel stancke vnto the Philistines. And all þe people cryed after Saule to Galgal.

The Philistines' great host.

1 Samuel 13:5 Then the Philistines gathered them selues together to fyghte wyth Israel, thyrtie thousand charettes and sixe thousande horse men with the other people lyke the sande by þe sea side is in multitude and came vp & pytched in Machmas eastward from Bethauen.

The distress of the Israelites.

1 Samuel 13:6 And when the men of Israel sawe them selues in a strayte, and that the people were accombred, they hyd themselues in caues, in preuy holes, in rockes dennes & pyttes. 1 Samuel 13:7 And the Ebrues wente ouer Iordan vnto the land of Gad & Galaad. But Saul was yet in Galgal, and al the people þt folowed hym, were astonyed.

Saul, weary of staying for Samuel, sacrificeth.

1 Samuel 13:8 And he taryed seuen dayes, as Samuel had appoynted. But Samuell came not to Galgal, & þe people scatered from hym. 1 Samuel 13:9 Wherfore Saule sayde: bryng burnt sacryfyce to me & peace offerynges. And he offered burnt sacrifice. 1 Samuel 13:10 And as sone as he had made an ende of offeryng burnte offerynges, behold, Samuel came. And Saul went agaynste him to salute him.

Samuel reproveth him.

1 Samuel 13:11 Then sayde Samuel to Saul: what hast thou done? And Saule sayd: because I saw that the people skatered from me, & that thou camest not within the dayes apoynted & that the Philistines gathered them selues together to Machmas: 1 Samuel 13:12 then sayd I: the Philistines shall come doune vpon me to Galgal, yer I haue made supplicacyon vnto the Lorde. And therfore I toke a courage wyth me, and offered burnt offerynges. 1 Samuel 13:13 Then sayde Samuel to Saul, thou hast done folyshly & hast not kept the commaundement of the Lorde thy God whiche he commaunded the. For at thys tyme wolde the Lord haue stablished thy kyngdom vpon Israel for euer. 1 Samuel 13:14 But nowe thy kyngedome shall not continue. The Lord hath sought him a man after his own hert, & hath commaunded hym to be a captayne ouer hys people: because thou hast not kepte þt which þe Lorde commaunded the. 1 Samuel 13:15 And Samuel arose, & gat him from Galgal to Gabaah Beniamin. And Saul nombred the people þt were found with hym, aboute a syxe hundred men. 1 Samuel 13:16 And Saul & Ionathas his sonne & the people that were founde with them, had theyr abydyng in Gabaah Beniamin. But the Philistines had pytched in Machmas.

The three spoiling bands of the Philistines.

1 Samuel 13:17 And ther came out of the host of the Philistines thre companyes to destroye: one companye turned vnto the waye that leadeth to Ephrah vnto the land of Sual. 1 Samuel 13:18 And another companye turned the way to Bethoron. And the thyrd company turned to the waye of the cost that turneth to þe valeye of Zeboim toward the wildernesse.

The policy of the Philistines, to suffer no smith in Israel.

1 Samuel 13:19 But there was no smyth thorowout al the lande of Israel. For the Philistines thought that then the Ebrues myght make them swerdes or speres. 1 Samuel 13:20 And therfor must al Israel go doune to þe Philistines, to mende euery man his share, hys mattok, his axe, or hys cyckle: 1 Samuel 13:21 as ofte as þe edges of the cyckles mattockes, doung forckes, & axes were blunte, and also to mende theyr goodes. 1 Samuel 13:22 And so in tyme of battell there was nether swerde nor spere founde in the handes of any of the people that were wyth Saule & Ionathas: saue for Saule and Ionathas hys sonne was there som what founde. 1 Samuel 13:23 And the Garison of the Philistines came oute, & stode on the other syde before Machmas.

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