Great Bible

Revelation 8

At the opening of the seventh seal,

Revelation 8:1 And when he had opened the seuenth seale, ther was sylence in heauen aboute the space of halfe an houre.

seven angels had seven trumpets given them.

Revelation 8:2 And I sawe .vii. angelles standyng before God, & to them were geuen seuen trompettes.

Another angel putteth incense to the prayers of the saints on the golden altar.

Revelation 8:3 And another angell came & stode before þe aultre, hauynge a golden senser, & moch of odoures was geuen vnto him, that he shulde offre of the prayers of all saynctes vpon the golden aulter, whych was before þe seate. Revelation 8:4 And the smoke of the odoures whych cam of the prayers of all saynctes, ascended vp before God out of the Angelles hande. Revelation 8:5 And þe Angell toke the senser, and fylled it wyth fyre of the aulter, and caste it into the erth, and voyces were made, & thondrynges & lyghtnynges, and erthquake.

Four of the seven angels sound their trumpets, and great plagues follow.

Revelation 8:6 And þe seuen Angels whych had þe seuen trompettes, prepared them selues to blowe. Revelation 8:7 The fyrst Angell blewe, & there was made hayle & fyre, which were myngled wt bloud, & they were cast into þe erth: & þe thirde parte of trees was burnt, and all grene grasse was brent. Revelation 8:8 And þe seconde angell blewe: & as it were a gret mountayne burnyng wt fyre was caste into the see, and þe thyrde parte of the see tourned to bloude, Revelation 8:9 and the thyrde parte of the creatures which had lyfe, dyed, & the thyrde part of shyppes were destroyed. Revelation 8:10 And the thyrde Angell blew, & ther fell a gret starre from heauen, burnyng as it were a lampe, & it fell into the thyrde parte of the ryuers, & into fountaynes of waters, Revelation 8:11 & the name of þe starre is called wormwod. And þe thyrde parte was turned to wormwod. And many men dyed of the waters, because they were made bytter. Revelation 8:12 And the fourth Angell blew, and þe thyrde parte of the sunne was smytten, and þe thirde parte of the mone, and the thyrde parte of starres: so that the thyrd part of them was darckned. And the daye was smytten, that the thyrde part of it shulde not shyne, & lykewyse the nyght. Revelation 8:13 And I behelde and herde an Angell flyinge thorow the myddes of heauen, sayinge with a lowde voyce: Woo, woo, to the inhabiters of the erth, because of þe voyces to come of the trompe of the thre Angels, whych were yet to blowe.

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