Great Bible

Numbers 6

The law of the Nazarites.

Numbers 6:1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, sayinge: Numbers 6:2 speake vnto the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: when ether man or woman doth separate them selues to vowe a vowe of an absteiner, and appoynte them selues vnto the Lorde, Numbers 6:3 he shall separate hym selfe from wyne and stronge dryncke, and shall dryncke no vynagre of wyne nor of stronge drynke, nor shall drynke whatsoeuer is pressed out of grapes: & shall eate no freshe grapes nether yet dryed. As longe as hys abstinence endureth, Numbers 6:4 shall he eate nothynge that is made of the vyne tre, or of the cornels, or of the huske of the grape. Numbers 6:5 And as longe as he voweth, and is separated, there shall no rasure come apon hys heed: But vntyll hys dayes be out, in the which he separateth him selfe vnto the Lorde, he shalbe holy, and shall let the lockes of hys heere growe. Numbers 6:6 As longe as he consecrateth hym selfe vnto the Lorde, he shall come at no deed bodye: Numbers 6:7 he shall not make hym selfe vncleane at the death of hys father, mother, brother or syster: because that the vowe of the abstinence of hys God is vpon hys heade. Numbers 6:8 All the dayes of hys abstinence he is holy vnto the Lorde. Numbers 6:9 And yf it fortune that any man by chaunce dye sodenly before hym, the heed of hys abstinence shalbe defyled, and he shall shaue hys heed the daye of hys clensynge: euen the seuenth daye he shall shaue it. Numbers 6:10 And the eyght daye he shall brynge two turtels or two yonge pigeons to the Preaste, before the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse. Numbers 6:11 And the Preaste shall offer the one for synne and the other for a burnt offerynge, and make an attonement for hym, as concernynge that he synned vpon a soule, and shall halowe hys heed the same daye, Numbers 6:12 and he shall consecrate hym selfe vnto the Lorde (þe tyme of hys abstinencye) and shall brynge a lambe of a yere olde for trespace: but the dayes that were before are lost, because hys abstinencie was defyled.

Numbers 6:13 Thys is the lawe of the absteyner, when the tyme of hys abstinence is out, he shalbe broughte vnto the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, Numbers 6:14 and he shall brynge hys offerynge vnto the Lorde: an he lambe of a yere olde without blemyshe for a burntofferynge, and a she lambe of a yere olde without blemyshe for synne, a ram wythout blemyshe also for a peace offerynge, Numbers 6:15 and a basket of swete breed, euen cakes of fyne floure myngled with oyle, and wafers of swete bread anoynted wyth oyle wyth their meatofferynges and drynk offerynges. Numbers 6:16 And the Preaste shall brynge hym before the Lord, and offer hys synofferynge and his burntofferynge, Numbers 6:17 and shall offer the ram for a peaceofferynge vnto the Lorde, wyth the basket of swete breed, and the Preaste shall offer also his meat offerynge and his drinckofferynge. Numbers 6:18 And he shall shaue the heed of the absteyner in the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse: euen the heed of his abstinence, and shall take the heere of his sober heed, and put it in the fyre, which is vnder the peaceofferynge. Numbers 6:19 And the preaste shall take the sodden shoulder of the ram, and one swete cake out of the basket, and one swete wafer also, and put them vpon the handes of the absteyner (after he hath shauen his abstinence of) Numbers 6:20 and the Preaste shall waue them before the Lorde. And these holy thynges shalbe the prestes, wyth the wauebrest and heue shoulder: and then the absteyner maye drynke wyne. Numbers 6:21 Thys is the lawe of the absteyner whych hath vowed his offrynge vnto the Lorde for his consecracyon: Besydes those thynges that hys hande can gett, accordynge to the vowe whych he vowed, euen so he must do after the lawe of hys abstinence.

The form of blessing the people.

Numbers 6:22 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, sayinge: Numbers 6:23 speake vnto Aaron and his sonnes sayinge: of thys wyse ye shall blesse the chyldren of Israel, and saye vnto them. Numbers 6:24 The Lorde blesse the, and kepe the. Numbers 6:25 The Lorde make hys face shyne vpon the, and be mercyfull vnto the. Numbers 6:26 The Lorde lyfte vp countenaunce vpon the, and geue the peace. Numbers 6:27 And they shall put my name vpon the chyldren of Israel, and I wyll blesse them.

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