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Jeremiah 31

The restoration of Israel.

Jeremiah 31:1 At the same tyme, sayth the Lord, shall I be the God of all the generatyons of Israel, and they shalbe my people. Jeremiah 31:2 Thus sayeth the Lorde: The people of Israel, which escaped in the wildernesse from the swearde, founde grace to come into theyr rest. Jeremiah 31:3 Euen so shall the Lorde now also apeare vnto me from farre, and saye: I loue the with an euerlasting loue, therfore, by my mercye I haue drawen the to me. Jeremiah 31:4 I will repayre the agayne, O thou daughter of Israel, þt thou mayest be fast and sure. Thou shalt take thy tabrettes agayne, and go forth with them, that leade the daunce. Jeremiah 31:5 Thou shalt plante vynes agayne vpon þe hylles of Samaria, and the grape gatherers shall plante, and commenly eate of it. Jeremiah 31:6 For the dayes shall come when the watchemen vpon the mount of Ephraim shall crye: aryse, let vs go vp vnto Sion to our Lorde God, Jeremiah 31:7 for thus sayth the Lorde: Reioyce with gladnes because of Iacob, crie vnto the head of the Gentils: speake out, syng, and saye: O Lorde saue thy people, the remnaunt of Israel, and make them whole. Jeremiah 31:8 Beholde, I wyll bringe them agayne from out of the north lande, and gather them from the endes of the worlde, with the blynde and lame that are amonge them, with the wemen that be great with chylde, and soch as be also delyuered: and the company of them that come agayne, shalbe greate. Jeremiah 31:9 They shall come weping and with mercyfull pitye wyll I bring them hyther agayn. I wyll leade them to the ryuers of water in a strayght waye, where they shall not stomble. For I am Israels father, & Ephraim is my fyrst borne.

The publication therof.

Jeremiah 31:10 Heare the worde of the Lorde, O ye Gentiles, preach in the yles, that lye farre of, and saye: he that hath scatered Israel, shall gather hym together agayne, & shall kepe hym as a shepherde doth his flocke. Jeremiah 31:11 For the Lord hath redemed Iacob, and ryd hym from the hande of the violent. Jeremiah 31:12 And they shall come, & reioyce vpon the hyll of Sion, and shall haue plenteousnes of goodes, which the Lorde shall geue them. Namely, wheate, wyne, oyle, yonge shepe & calues. And theyr conscience shalbe as a well watred garden, for they shall nomore be hongrye. Jeremiah 31:13 Then shall the mayde reioyce in the daunce, yee, both yonge and olde folkes. For I wyll turne their sorowe into gladnesse, and wyll conforte them from theyr sorowes and make them ioyfull. Jeremiah 31:14 I wyll powre plenteousnesse vpon the hertes of the prestes, and my people shalbe satisfyed with my goodnesse, sayth the Lorde

Rahel mourning is comforted.

Jeremiah 31:15 Thus sayth the Lorde: The voyce of heuynes, weping and lamentation was heard on hye: euen of Rachel mournyng for her children, and wolde not be conforted, because they were awaye. Jeremiah 31:16 But nowe, sayth the Lorde, leaue of from wepynge and crienge, witholde thyne eyes from teares, for thy laboure shalbe rewarded, sayth the Lorde. And they shall come agayne out of the lande of their enemies: Jeremiah 31:17 Yee, euen thy posterite shall haue consolation in this, sayth the Lorde, þt thy chyldren shall come agayne into their awne lande.

Ephraim repenting is brought home again.

Jeremiah 31:18 Moreouer, I heard Ephraim, that was led awaye captiue, complayne on this maner: O Lorde, thou hast correct me, & thy chastenynge haue I receaued, as an vntamed calfe. Conuerte thou me, and I shalbe conuerted: for thou art my Lorde God: Jeremiah 31:19 Yee, assone as thou turnest me, I shall refourme my selfe: and when I vnderstande, I shall smyte vpon my thyghe. For verely I haue commytted shamefull thinges. For I haue borne the reprofe and confusion of my youth. Jeremiah 31:20 Upon this complaynte, I thought thus by my selfe: is not Ephraim my deare sonne? Is he not the childe, with whom I haue had all myrth and pastyme? For sens the time þt I first commened with hym, I haue him euer in remembraunce: therfore, my very hert dryueth me vnto him, gladly and louynglye wyll I haue mercy vpon him, sayth þe Lord. Jeremiah 31:21 Get the watchmen, prouyde teachers for þe, set thyne hert vpon the ryght waye, þt thou shuldest walke, and turne agayn, O þu daughter of Israel, turne agayne to these cityes of thyne.

Christ is promised.

Jeremiah 31:22 Howe longe wilt thou go astraye, O thou shrynking daughter? For the Lord wyll worke a newe thing vpon earth. A woman shall compasse a man. Jeremiah 31:23 For thus sayth the Lorde of hoostes the God of Israel: It wyll come therto, þt when I haue brought Iuda out of captiuite, these wordes shalbe heard in the lande and in hys cityes. The Lorde, which is the fayre brydegrome of ryghteousnes, make þe frutefull, O thou holy hyll. Jeremiah 31:24 And there shall dwell Iuda, and all her cityes, þe shepherdes, and husbandemen. Jeremiah 31:25 For I shall fede the hongrye soule, and refresh all faynte hertes. Jeremiah 31:26 When I hearde thys, I came agayne to my selfe, I mused, lyke as I had bene waked oute of a swete slepe.

His care over the Church.

Jeremiah 31:27 Beholde, sayth the Lorde, the dayes come, that I wyll sowe the house of Israel, & the house of Iuda, with men and with catell. Jeremiah 31:28 Yee, it shall come therto, that lyke as I haue gone about in tymes past to rote them out, to scatre them, to breake them downe, to destroye them, and chasten them. Euen so wyll I also go diligently aboute, to buylde them vp agayne, & to plante them, sayth the Lorde. Jeremiah 31:29 Then shall it nomore be sayde: the fathers haue eaten a sower grape, and the chyldrens teeth are set on edge: Jeremiah 31:30 for euery one shall dye for hys awne mysdede, so þt whoso eateth a sowre grape, hys teeth shalbe set on edge.

His New Covenant.

Jeremiah 31:31 Beholde, the dayes come, sayth the Lorde, that I wyll make a newe couenaunt wt the house of Israel, and wt the house of Iuda: Jeremiah 31:32 not after the couenaunt that I made wt their fathers, when I toke them by þe hande: and led them out of the lande of Egypt: which couenaunt they bracke: yee, euen when I as an husbande had rule ouer them, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 31:33 But this shalbe the couenaunt that I wyll make with the house of Israel after those dayes, sayth the Lorde. I will plante my lawe in the inward partes of them, and wryte it in their hertes, & wilbe their God, and they shalbe my people. Jeremiah 31:34 And from thens forth, shall no man teach his neyghbour or his brother, & saye: knowe the Lorde. But they shall all knowe me from the lowest vnto the hyest, sayth þe Lorde. For I will forgeue their mysdedes, and will neuer remembre their synnes eny more.

The stability,

Jeremiah 31:35 Thus sayth the Lorde, which gaue the sunne to be a lyght for the daye, and the moone and starres to shyne in the night: which moueth the see, so that the floudes therof waxe fearce: his name is the Lorde of hoostes. Jeremiah 31:36 Like as this ordinaunce shall neuer be taken oute of my syght, sayth the Lorde. So shall the sede of Israel neuer ceasse, but allwaye be a people before me. Jeremiah 31:37 Moreouer, thus sayth the Lorde: lyke as the heauen aboue cannot be measured, & as the foundacions of the earth beneth maye not be sought out. So wyll I also not cast out the whole seede of Israel, for that they haue commytted, sayeth the Lorde.

and amplitude of the Church.

Jeremiah 31:38 Beholde, the dayes come, sayth the Lord, that the citye of the Lorde shalbe enlarged from the towre of Hananeel, vnto the gate of þe corner wall: Jeremiah 31:39 From thens shall the ryght measure be taken before her vnto the hyll toppe of Gareb, & shal come about Gaath, Jeremiah 31:40 and the whole valley of the deed carkases, and of the ashes, and all the feldes vnto the broke of Cedron: and vnto the corner of the horsgate towarde the east, where as the sanctuary of the Lorde also shalbe set. And when it is nowe buylded, and set vp of thys fasshyon, it shall neuer be be broken, nor cast downe any more.

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