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Genesis 11

One language in the world.

Genesis 11:1 Al the whole erth was of one language & lyke speche. Genesis 11:2 And it happened whan they wente furth from the east, they founde a playne in the londe of Sinhar, & there they abode.

The building of Babel.

Genesis 11:3 And they sayd euery one to his neyghboure: Come, let vs prepare brycke, & burne them in the fyre. And they had brycke for stone, & slyme had they in steade of morter. Genesis 11:4 And they sayde: Go to, let vs buylde vs a citie & a tower, whose toppe maye reach vnto heauen: & let vs make vs a name, lest haply we be scatred abrode in to the vpper face of the whole erth. Genesis 11:5 But the Lord came downe, to se the cytie and tower whych the chyldren of men buylded.

The confusion of tongues.

Genesis 11:6 And the Lorde sayde: Beholde, the people is one, and they haue all one language, & thys they begynne to do, neyther wyll it be restrayned from them, whatsoeuer they haue ymagined to do. Genesis 11:7 Come on, let vs go downe, and confounde theyr language, that euery one perceaue not hys neyghbours speche. Genesis 11:8 And so the Lorde scatred them from that place into the vpper face of all the erth. And they left of to buylde the cytie. Genesis 11:9 And therfore is the name of it called Babel, because the Lorde dyd there confounde the language of all the erth. And from thence dyd the Lorde scater them abrode vpon the face of all the erth.

The generations of Shem.

Genesis 11:10 These are the generacyons of Sem: Sem was an hundreth yeare olde, and begat Arphachsad two yeare after the floude. Genesis 11:11 And Sem lyued (after he begat Arphachsad) fyue hundreth yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:12 Arphachsad lyued fyue and thyrtye yeares, & begat Selah. Genesis 11:13 And Arphachsad lyued (after he begat Selah) foure hundreth & thre yeares, and begat sonnes & daughters. Genesis 11:14 Selah lyued thyrtye yeares, & begat Eber. Genesis 11:15 And Selah lyued (after he begat Eber) foure hundreth and thre yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:16 Eber lyued foure and thyrtye yeares, and begat Peleg. Genesis 11:17 And Eber lyued (after he begat Peleg) foure hundreth and thyrtye yeares, & begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:18 Peleg lyued thyrtye yeares, & begat Reu. Genesis 11:19 And Peleg lyued (after he begat Reu) two hundreth and nyne yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:20 Reu lyued two and thyrtye yeares, and begat Serug. Genesis 11:21 And Reu lyued (after he begat Serug) two hundreth and seuen yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:22 Serug lyued thyrtye yeares, & begat Nahor. Genesis 11:23 And Serug lyued (after he begat Nahor) two hundreth yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:24 And Nahor lyued nyne & twentye yeares, and begat Terah. Genesis 11:25 And Nahor lyued (after he begat Terah) an hundreth and nynetene yeares, and begat sonnes and daughters. Genesis 11:26 Terah lyued seuentye yeares, and begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

The generations of Terah the father of Abram.

Genesis 11:27 These are the generacyons of Terah: Terah begat Abram, Nahor & Haran. Haran begat Lot. Genesis 11:28 And Haran dyed in the presence of Terah hys father, in the londe of hys natyuitye, euen in Ur of the Caldees. Genesis 11:29 Abram and Nahor toke them wyues: The name of Abrams wyfe was Sarai, & the name of Nahors wyfe was Milca, the daughter of Haran the father of Milca & the father of Iisca. Genesis 11:30 But Sarai was baren, & had no chylde.

Terah goeth from Ur to Haran.

Genesis 11:31 And Terah toke Abram his sonne, and Lot the sonne of Haran, hys sonnes sonne, & Sara hys daughter in lawe, hys sonne Abrams wyfe. And they departed together from Ur of the Caldees, that they myght go into the londe of Chanaan, & they came vnto Charan, & dwelt there. Genesis 11:32 And the dayes of Terah were two hundreth and fyue yeares, and Terah dyed in Haran.

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