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1 Kings 7

The building of Solomon's house.

1 Kings 7:1 But Salomon was buyldyng his awne house thirtene yere, & finysshed it all.

Of the house of Lebanon.

1 Kings 7:2 And he buylt the house in the wodd of Libanon, an hundred cubytes longe, and fyftye cubytes broad, & .xxx. cubytes hye. And it stode vpon foure rowes of Cedar pyllars, and Cedar beames were layed vpon the pyllers. 1 Kings 7:3 And þe rouffe was Cedar aboue vpon the beames, that laye on the pyllers: euen fyue and fourtye beames in fyftene rowes. 1 Kings 7:4 And there were wyndowes in thre rowes: and the wyndowes were one agaynst another thre folde. 1 Kings 7:5 And the dores with the syde postes, and the vpperposte were fouresquare, and had windowes one agaynst another thre folde.

Of the porch of pillars.

1 Kings 7:6 And he made a porch by the pillars, that bare vp the house .l. cubites longe, and .xxx. cubites broad: & that porch was before those & the other pillers. For there was a thick tree set before them.

Of the porch of judgment.

1 Kings 7:7 Then he made a porche to syt a iudge in, syled with Cedar thorowout all the pauementes.

Of the house for Pharaoh's daughter.

1 Kings 7:8 And hys awne house (that he kept residence in: & that was in another courte without þe porch) was made of that same worcke. And then Salomon made an house for Pharaos daughter whom he had taken to wyfe, lyke vnto the fasshion of that porche. 1 Kings 7:9 And all these were of the best stones, hewed after a measure, and sawed wt sawes within and without, from the foundacion vnto the beames that laye aboue, after the measure, & euen so on the outsyde towarde the great court. 1 Kings 7:10 And the foundacyon was layed vpon rych stones & þe very great stones: wherof some were .x. cubites, & some .viij. cubites. 1 Kings 7:11 And aboue were good stones squared after a certayn rule, & couered wt Cedar. 1 Kings 7:12 And the great court round about was wt thre rowes of hewed stone, & one rowe of Cedar planckes, after þe maner of the ynner court of the house of the Lorde, & of the porch of the temple.

Hiram's work of the two pillars.

1 Kings 7:13 And kyng Salomon sent and fett one Hiram out of Tire, 1 Kings 7:14 a wedowes sonne of the tribe of Nephtalim, his father beyng a man of Tire. Which Hiram was a craftes man in brasse full of wysdome, vnderstandynge and connynge: to worke all maner of worcke in brasse. And he came to king Salomon, & wrought all his worcke. 1 Kings 7:15 For he cast two pillers of brasse of .xviij. cubites hye a pece, & a stringe of .xij. cubites dyd compasse ether them about. 1 Kings 7:16 And he made .ij. heed peces of molten brasse (after the fasshion of a crowne) to sett on the toppes of the pyllers. The heigth of the one heed pece conteined .v. cubites, & the heigth of the other heed pece conteyned .v. cubites also: 1 Kings 7:17 he made also net worck & garlandes of cheyne worcke, vpon the heed peces that were on the top of the pyllers, euen seuen rowes vpon the one heed pece, and seuen vpon the other. 1 Kings 7:18 And so he made the pyllers, and two rowes round about, in the one wrethen worcke, to couer the heed peces þt were vpon the pomgranates. And thus dyd he also for the other heed pece. 1 Kings 7:19 And the heed peces that were on the toppes of the pillers, couered he aboue with a curyous worke of roses: towarde the palace by the space of .iiij. cubytes. 1 Kings 7:20 Likewyse, vnder þe heed peces in those .ij. pillers beneth, oueragainst þe middes & before þe net worke. And vpon the seconde heed pece were ther .ij.C. pomgranates in two rowes round about. 1 Kings 7:21 And he set vp the pillers in the porch of the temple. And when he had set vp the rightpiller, he called þe name therof Ioachim: & whan he had set vp the left piller, he called þe name therof Boaz. 1 Kings 7:22 And in the toppe of the pyllers was a worke of roses, and so was þe workmanshyp of the pyllers finyshed.

Of the molten sea.

1 Kings 7:23 And he made a molten lauatory, ten cubytes wyde from brym to brym, round in compasse, & .v. cubytes hye. And a stryng of thirtye cubytes dyd compasse it about: 1 Kings 7:24 and vnder the brym of it, there were knoppes round about, ten in one cubite: and they compassed the lauatory round about. And þe knoppes were cast wt it, in two rowes, when it was caste. 1 Kings 7:25 And it stode on twelue oxen: of which thre loked toward the north .iij. towarde the west .iij. towarde the south, & .iij. toward the east. and the lauatory stode vpon them, & all theyr hinderpartes were inward. 1 Kings 7:26 It was an hand breadeth thycke, & þe brym wrought lyke the brim of a cup wt floures of lylies. And it conteyned two thousande bates.

Of the ten bases.

1 Kings 7:27 And he made .x. sokettes of brasse .iiij. cubites longe, and .iiij. cubites broade a pece, & .iij. cubites hye. 1 Kings 7:28 And the worke of the sokettes was on this maner. They had sides, and the sydes were betwene the ledges. 1 Kings 7:29 And on the sydes that were betwene the ledges, were lyons, oxen and cherubs. And lykewyse, vpon the ledges that were aboue: and beneth the lyons and oxen were certayne addicions made of thynne worke. 1 Kings 7:30 And vnder euery soket, were foure brasen wheles, and bordes of brasse. And in the foure corners therof, were vndersetters vnder the lauatorye, cast eche oueragaynst hys felowe. 1 Kings 7:31 And the stalke of the lauatory was in the myddle of it, one cubite hye, and a cubite and an halfe rounde: and in the heigth of it were grauen workes, whose sydes were made foursquare, and not rounde. 1 Kings 7:32 And vnder the sydes were .iiij. wheles: and the axeltrees ioyned fast to the bottome. And the heygth of euery whele was a cubyte and an halfe. 1 Kings 7:33 And the workmanshyp of the wheles was lyke the worke of a charret whele. And the axeltrees, the nauelles, spokes and shaftes were all molten: 1 Kings 7:34 And there were foure vndersetters in the .iiij. corners of one socket: and the vndersetters were of the very bottome selfe. 1 Kings 7:35 And in þe heygth of the bottome was there round compasse of a cubite hye: and in that heygth of the bottome, there proceaded both ledges & sydes out of the same. 1 Kings 7:36 For in the bordes of the ledges, and on the sydes, he had grauen pyctures of cherubins, lyons and palmetrees, one by an other rounde aboute. 1 Kings 7:37 Thus made he the ten sockettes after this maner. And they had all one fashion of castyng: one measure, and one sise.

Of the ten lavers,

1 Kings 7:38 Then made he .x. lauers of brasse, one lauer conteyning .xl. bates: and one lauer was foure cubytes, and vpon euery one of the ten sockettes, he put one lauer. 1 Kings 7:39 And he put fyue of those sockettes on the right side of þe house and other fyue on the lefte. And he set the lauatorye on the ryght syde of the house eastwarde and towarde the south.

and all the vessels.

1 Kings 7:40 And Hiram made pottes, shouels and basens, and so finyshed all the worke þt he made kyng Salomon for the house of the Lorde: 1 Kings 7:41 þt is to saye, two pillers, two round heed peces, that were to be sett on the toppes of the two pillers .ii. net workes to couer the two round heed peces set vpon the toppes of the pyllers, 1 Kings 7:42 and .iiij.C. pomgranates for the two net workes, euen two rowes of pomgranates in one net worke, to couer the two heed peces that were to be sett on the toppes of the pyllers. 1 Kings 7:43 And the ten sockettes, and ten lauers on the sockettes. 1 Kings 7:44 The lauatory and .xij. oxen vnder it: 1 Kings 7:45 and pottes, shouelles and basens. And all these vessels which Hiram made to kyng Salomon for the house of þe Lord, were of bright brasse. 1 Kings 7:46 In the playne of Iordan did the king cast them: euen in the thycke claye betwene Sococh and Zarthan. 1 Kings 7:47 And Salomon left all the vessels vnwayed, because they were so exceadyng many, neyther founde they oute the weyght of the brasse. 1 Kings 7:48 And so Salomon made all the vessels that pertayned vnto the house of the Lorde: the golden aulter and the golden table, wheron the shewe bread was. 1 Kings 7:49 And fyue candelstyckes, for the ryght syde, and fyue for the lefte before the queer of pure golde: with floures, 1 Kings 7:50 lampes, and snoffers of golde: & boules, flat peces, basons, spones and masoures of pure golde: and hindges made he of golde for the dores of the queer, the place moost holy, and for the dores of the temple also. 1 Kings 7:51 And so was ended all þe worke that kyng Salomon made for the house of the Lorde. And Salomon brought in þe thinges which Dauid his father had dedicated: euen the siluer, golde, & vessels: and layed them vp amonge the treasures of the house of the Lorde.

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