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1 Chronicles 12

The companies that came to David at Ziklag.

1 Chronicles 12:1 These are they that came to Dauid to Ziklag, whyle he yet kept hym selfe close, because of Saul þe sonne of Cis: and they were very stronge helpers in battell. 1 Chronicles 12:2 They were weapened with bowes, & coulde hurlle stones with the ryght hande and with the lyft and shote arowes oute of a bowe, & were of Sauls brethren, euen of Beniamin. 1 Chronicles 12:3 The chefest were Ahiezer, and Ioas þe sonnes of Simaa a Gibeonite, and Ieziel and Pelet the sonnes of Asmaneth. Beracah and Iehu of Anathoth. 1 Chronicles 12:4 And Ismaia a gilbeonite a mightie man amonge thyrtie, and more then the thyrtie. Ieremiah, Iehaziel, Iohanan, & Iosabad of Gedor. 1 Chronicles 12:5 Eleusai, Ierimoth Bealia Semaria, and Seaphatia, the Haraphites. 1 Chronicles 12:6 Elcana, Iesia, Azarael, Ioezer, Iosebeam Hakorim. 1 Chronicles 12:7 Ioela and Zebadiah the sonnes of Ieroam of Gedud: 1 Chronicles 12:8 And of the Gadites there separated them selues, some vnto Dauid into the holde of þe wyldernesse, men of myghte, and men apte for warre, & þt coulde handle shylde and speare, whose faces were lyke the faces of Lions, and they were as swyfte as the Rooes in the mountaynes: 1 Chronicles 12:9 Ezer the fyrst, Obdia the seconde, & Eliab the thyrde, 1 Chronicles 12:10 Masinana the fourth, Ieremia the fyfte. 1 Chronicles 12:11 Atthai the syxte, Eliel the seuenth, 1 Chronicles 12:12 Iohanan the eyght, Elsabath the nynth, 1 Chronicles 12:13 Ieremia the tenth, and Machbaonai the eleuenth. 1 Chronicles 12:14 These were of þe sonnes of Gad, and were captaynes ouer the men of warre, the small pursued an hundred, and the great a thousande. 1 Chronicles 12:15 These are they that went ouer Iordan in the fyrst moneth when he had fylled ouer all hys banckes. And they put to flyght all them of the valeye both towarde the East and Weste. 1 Chronicles 12:16 And there came of the chyldren of Beniamin and Iuda to the holde vnto Dauid. 1 Chronicles 12:17 And Dauid went out to mete them and answered, and sayde vnto them, If ye be come peasablye vnto me, to helpe me, myne hert shalbe knytt vnto you. But and yf you come to betraye me to myne aduersaryes (seynge ther is no wyckednes in myne handes) the God of oure fathers loke theron and rebuke it. 1 Chronicles 12:18 And the spiryte came vpon Amasai which was the chefe amonge thyrtye, and he sayde, thyne are we Dauid, and on thy syde thou sonne of Iesai: Peace, peace be vnto the, and peace be to thyne helpers, for thy God is thine helpe. Then Dauid receaued them, and made them heedes of companyes of the men of warre. 1 Chronicles 12:19 And there fell some of Manasse to Dauid when he came with the Philistines agaynst Saul to battell, but they helped them not For þe Lordes of the Philistiues toke advysement and sent hym awaye agayne sayinge he wyll fall to hys Master Saul to the ieopardie of oure heedes. 1 Chronicles 12:20 As he went to Ziklag, there fell to hym of Manasseh: Adna Iozadad, Iediel, Michael, Iozabad, Elihu and Zilthai, heedes of the thousandes that were of Manasse. 1 Chronicles 12:21 And they holpe Dauid agaynst the rouers. For they were all myghtie men of warre, and captaynes in the hoost. 1 Chronicles 12:22 For at that tyme there came one or other to Dauid daye by daye to helpe hym: vntyll it was a greate hoost, lyke the hooste of God.

The armies that came to him at Hebron.

1 Chronicles 12:23 And this is the nombre of the chefe captaynes that were prepared to battell, and came to Dauid to Hebron, to turne the kyngdome of Saul to hym, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde. 1 Chronicles 12:24 The chyldren of Iuda that bare shylde & speare, were syxe thousande and eyght hundred ready prepared to þe warre. 1 Chronicles 12:25 Of the chyldren of Simeon, men of myght to warre, seuen thousande and one hundred. 1 Chronicles 12:26 Of the chyldren of Leui, foure thousande and syxe hundred. 1 Chronicles 12:27 And Iehoiada was the chefe of them of Aaron, and with him thre thousande and seuen hundred. 1 Chronicles 12:28 And Zadock a younge man strong and valeaunt & of his fathers housholde .xxii. captaynes. 1 Chronicles 12:29 And of the children of Beniamin the brethren of Saul, thre thousande. And a greate parte of them dyd (vnto that tyme) folowe the house of Saul. 1 Chronicles 12:30 And of the children of Ephraim .xx. thousande & eyght hundred mightye men of warre and famous men in the housholde of their fathers. 1 Chronicles 12:31 And of the halfe trybe of Manasseh .xviii. thousande, which were appoynted by name to come and make Dauid kynge. 1 Chronicles 12:32 And of the chyldren of Isacar, which were men þt had understandynge in the ryght tyme, to knowe what Israel ought to do. The heedes of them were two hundred and all their brethren were at their wyll. 1 Chronicles 12:33 And of Zabulon that went out to the battayll and proceded forth to the warre, wt all maner of instrumentes of warre, fyftye thousand that were prepared to the warre, without anye dublenesse of hart. 1 Chronicles 12:34 And of Nephthali a thousande captaynes, and with them (with shyld & speare) .xxxvii. thousande. 1 Chronicles 12:35 And of Dan prepared to battel .xxviii. thousande & syxe hundred. 1 Chronicles 12:36 And of Asser that went out to the warre & kepte the forefront of the batell, fourtye thousand. 1 Chronicles 12:37 And of þe other syde of Iordan, of þe Rubenites, and Gaddites & of the halfe tribe of Manasse, with all maner of instrumentes of warre, an hundred & twentye thousande. 1 Chronicles 12:38 All these were men of warre, kepynge the forefront of the batell with perfect hart, and came to Hebron to make Dauid kynge ouer all Israel. And all the rest of Israel was of one accorde, to make Dauid king. 1 Chronicles 12:39 And there they were with Dauid thre dayes, eatynge and drincking: for theyr brethren had prepared for them. 1 Chronicles 12:40 Moreouer they that were nye them, vntyll Isacar, Zabulon and Nephtali, brought breade on Asses, Camels, Mules, & oxen, and meate: floure, fygges, reasyngs, wyne and oyle, oxen, and shepe aboundantlie. For there was ioye in Israel.

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