Coverdale Bible

Micah 2

Against oppression.

Micah 2:1 Wo vnto them, that ymagyn to do harme, and deuyse vngraciousnesse vpon their beddes, to perfourme it in ye cleare daye: for their power is agaynst God. Micah 2:2 When they covet to haue londe, they take it by violence, they robbe men off their houses. Thus they oppresse a ma for his house, & euery man for his heretage. Micah 2:3 Therfore thus sayeth the LORDE: Beholde, agaynst this housholde haue I deuysed a plage, wherout ye shal not plucke youre neckes: Ye shal nomore go so proudly, for it will be a perlous tyme.

A lamentation.

Micah 2:4 In that daye shall this terme be vsed, and a mournynge shal be made ouer you on this maner: We be vtterly desolate, the porcion off my people is translated. Whan wil he parte vnto vs the londe, that he hath taken from vs? Micah 2:5 Neuerthelesse there shalbe noman to deuyde the thy porcion, in the congregacion off the LORDE. Micah 2:6 Tush, holde youre tunge (saye they) It shall not fall vpon this people, we shall not come so to confucion,

A reproof of injustice and idolatry.

Micah 2:7 sayeth the house off Iacob. Is the sprete off the LORDE so clene awaye? or is he so mynded? Treuth it is, my wordes are frendly vnto them that lyue right: Micah 2:8 but my people doth the contrary, therfore must I take parte agaynst them: for they take awaye both cote and cloke from the symple. Ye haue turned youre selues to fight, Micah 2:9 the women off my people haue ye shot out fro their good houses, and taken awaye my excellent giftes from their children. Micah 2:10 Vp, get you hence, for here shall ye haue no rest. Because off their Idolatry they are corrupte, and shall myserably perish. Micah 2:11 Yff I were a fleshly felowe, and a preacher of lyes and tolde them that they might syt bebbinge and bollynge, and be droncken: O that were a prophet for this people.

A promise of restoring Jacob.

Micah 2:12 But I will gather the indede (o Iacob) and dryue the remnaunt off Israel all together. I shall cary them one with another, as a flocke in the folde, and as the catell in their stalles, that they maye be disquieted of other men. Micah 2:13 Who so breaketh the gappe, he shall go before. They shall breake vp the porte, and go in and out at it. Their kynge shall go before them, and the LORDE shalbe vpon the heade of them.

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