Coverdale Bible

Acts 6

The Apostles, desirous to have the poor regarded for their bodily sustenance, as also careful themselves to dispense the Word of God, the food of the soul:

Acts 6:1 In those dayes whan the nombre of the disciples increased, there arose a grudge amoge the Grekes agaynst the Hebrues, because their wyddowes were not loked vpon in the daylie handreachinge. Acts 6:2 Then the twolue called the multitude of the disciples together, and sayde: It is not mete that we shulde leaue the worde of God, and to serue at the tables.

appoint the office of deaconship to seven chosen men.

Acts 6:3 Wherfore brethren, loke out amonge you seue men, that are of honeste reporte, and full of the holy goost and wyssdome, whom we maye appoynte to this nedefull busynes. Acts 6:4 But we wil geue oure selues vnto prayer, and to the mynistracion of the worde of God.

Of whom Stephen, a man full of faith, and of the Holy Ghost, is one.

Acts 6:5 And the sayenge pleased the whole multitude. And they chose Steuen, a man full of fayth and of the holy goost, and Philippe, and Procorus, and Nicanor, and Thimon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas the Proselite of Antioche. Acts 6:6 These they set before ye Apostles, and they prayed, and layed their handes vpon them. Acts 6:7 And the worde of God increased, and the nombre of the disciples multiplied greatly at Ierusalem. And there were many prestes also obedient vnto the fayth. Acts 6:8 Steuen full of faith and power, dyd wonders and greate tokens amonge the people.

Acts 6:9 Then arose there certayne of the synagoge, which is called (the synagoge) of ye Libertynes, & of the Cyrenites, and of the Alexadrines, and of the yt were of Celicia and Asia, & disputed with Steue, Acts 6:10 and they coulde not resiste the wyssdome and the sprete, out of the which he spake. Acts 6:11 Then sent they in certayne men, that sayde: We haue herde him speake blasphemous wordes agaynst Moses, and agaynst God.

Who is taken of those, whom he confounded in disputing,

Acts 6:12 And they moued the people, and the Elders and the scrybes, and came vpon him, & caught him,

and after falsely accused of blasphemy against the Law and the Temple.

Acts 6:13 and brought him before the councell, and set false witnesses there, which sayde: This man ceasseth not to speake blasphemous wordes agaynst this holy place and the lawe. Acts 6:14 For we herde him saye: Iesus of Nazareth shall destroye this place, and chaunge the ordinaunces which Moses gaue vs. Acts 6:15 And all they that sat in the councell, loked vpo him and sawe his face as the face of an angell.

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