Coverdale Bible

1 Samuel 4

The Israelites are overcome by the Philistines at Eben-ezer.

1 Samuel 4:1 And all Israel spake of Samuel. And Israel wente forth to the battayll against the Philistynes, & pitched besyde the. Helpe stone: As for the Philistynes, they pitched at Aphek, 1 Samuel 4:2 and prepared them selues agaynst Israel. And whan the battayll beganne, the hoost was deuyded, so that Israel was smytte before the enemies, & in the edge in the felde they slewe aboute a foure thousande men.

They fetch the Ark to the terror of the Philistines.

1 Samuel 4:3 And whan the people came in to the hoost, the Elders of Israel sayde: Wherfore hath the LORDE caused vs to be smytten this daie before the Philistynes? Let vs take vnto vs the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt from Silo, & let it come amoge vs, that it maye helpe vs from the hande of oure enemies. 1 Samuel 4:4 And the people sent vnto Silo, & caused to fet thece the Arke of ye couenaunt of the LORDE Zebaoth, that sytteth vpon the Cherubins. And with the Arke of the couenaunt of God there were the two sonnes of Eli, Ophni and Phineas. 1 Samuel 4:5 And whan the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE came in to the hoost, all Israel shouted wt a greate shoute, so that the earth sounded withall. 1 Samuel 4:6 But whan the Philistynes herde ye noyse of ye shoute, they sayde: what noyse is this of soch greate shoutinge in the tentes of the Hebrues? And whan they perceaued yt the Arke of the LORDE was come in to the hoost, 1 Samuel 4:7 they were afrayed & sayde: God is come in to the hoost. And they sayde morouer: Wo vnto vs, for it hath not bene thus afore tyme. 1 Samuel 4:8 Wo vnto vs. Who wil delyuer vs fro the hande of these hye goddes? These are the goddes that smote Egipte wt all maner of plages in the wyldernesse. 1 Samuel 4:9 Be stronge now and manly ye Philistynes, that ye serue not the Hebrues as they haue serued you. Be manly and fighte.

They are smitten again, the Ark taken, Hophni and Phinehas are slain.

1 Samuel 4:10 Then foughte the Philistynes, & Israel was smytten, & euery one fled vnto his tete, & there was a very greate slaughter, so that there fell of Israel thirtye thousande fote me, 1 Samuel 4:11 & the Arke of God was take, & the two sonnes of Eli, Ophni and Phineas dyed.

Eli, at the news, falling backward, breaketh his neck.

1 Samuel 4:12 Then rane there one of Ben Iamin out of the fore fronte of the battayl, & came vnto Silo the same daye, & had his clothes rente, and had earth vpo his heade. 1 Samuel 4:13 And whan he came in, Heli sat vpon the seate, that he mighte loke towarde the waye: for his herte was fearfull aboute ye Arke of God. And whan the man came in to the cite, he tolde it forth: and all the cite cried. 1 Samuel 4:14 And whan Eli herde ye noyse of the cryege, he axed: What noyse of busynes is this? The man came haistely, and tolde Eli. 1 Samuel 4:15 (As for Eli, he was fourescore and eightene yeare olde, and his eyes were dymme, so that he coulde not se.) 1 Samuel 4:16 The man sayde vnto Eli: I come and am fled this daye out of the hoost. He sayde: How is it my sonne? 1 Samuel 4:17 Then answered the tydinge bringer, & sayde: Israel is fled before the Philistynes, and a greate slaughter hath there bene amonge the people, & thy two sonnes Ophni & Phineas are deed, yee & the Arke of God is take awaye. 1 Samuel 4:18 Whan he had made mencion of the Arke of God, he fell downe bacwarde from the seate by the gate, and brake his neck, and dyed: for he was olde, & an heuy man. He iudged Israel fortie yeares.

Phinehas' wife, discouraged in her travail with Ichabod, dieth.

1 Samuel 4:19 The wife of his sonne Phineas was wt childe, & shulde shortly be delyuered, whan she herde the tydinges yt the Arke of God was taken, and yt hir brother in lawe and hir husbade were deed, she bowed hir selfe and trauayled: for hir payne came vpon her. 1 Samuel 4:20 And whan she was now at the poynte of death, the wemen that stode by her, sayde: Feare not, thou hast a yoge sonne. But she gaue no answere, nether regarded it, 1 Samuel 4:21 and she called the childe Icabod, and sayde: The glory is gone from Israel, because the Arke of God was taken awaye, and hir brother in lawe and hir husbande. 1 Samuel 4:22 And she sayde morouer: The glory is gone from Israel, for the Arke of God is take awaye.

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