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1 Kings 7

The building of Solomon's house.

1 Kings 7:1 Bvt Salomon was a buyldinge his awne house thirtene yeare, & fynished it, namely,

Of the house of Lebanon.

1 Kings 7:2 he buylded an house of the wodd of Libanus, an hundreth cubites longe, fiftye cubites wyde, & thirtie cubites hye, fouresquared with rowes of pilers, and wt carued Ceders. 1 Kings 7:3 And the rofe aboue syled he also with Cederwodd vpon the fyue & fortie pilers, for one rowe had fyftene pilers, 1 Kings 7:4 so yt there stode euer thre pilers one right ouer agaynst another: 1 Kings 7:5 so that euery space betwixte the pilers was one ouer agaynst another foure squared with the pilers.

Of the porch of pillars.

1 Kings 7:6 And he made a porche with pilers which was fiftye cubites longe, and thirtie cubites brode, & yet a porche before it with pilers & wt a greate poste.

Of the porch of judgment.

1 Kings 7:7 He made a porche also vnto ye kynges seate (wherin ye iudgment was kepte) and made it to be the porche of iudgment, and syled it with Ceder from the pauement vnto the pauement agayne,

Of the house for Pharaoh's daughter.

1 Kings 7:8 and his owne house wherin he dwelt, in ye back courte made betwene ye house and the porche like the other. And like vnto the porche made he a house for Pharaos doughter, whom Salomon had taken to wife. 1 Kings 7:9 All these were costly stone hewen after ye measure, cut with sawes on euery syde, from the grounde vnto the rofe: and without the greate courte also. 1 Kings 7:10 As for the foundacions, they were costly and greate stones, ten and eighte cubites greate: 1 Kings 7:11 and costly fre stones theron acordinge to ye measure, and Ceders. 1 Kings 7:12 But the greate courte rounde aboute had thre rowes of fre stone, & one rowe of playne Ceders: Euen so also the courte by ye hou of the LORDE within, and the porch by the house.

Hiram's work of the two pillars.

1 Kings 7:13 And kynge Salomon sent to fetch one Hiram of Tyre 1 Kings 7:14 a wedowes sonne, of the trybe of Nephtali, and his father had bene a man of Tyre, which was a connynge ma in metall, full of wysdome, vnderstondinge and knowlege to worke all maner of metall worke. Whan he came to kynge Salomon, he made all his worke, 1 Kings 7:15 and made two brasen pilers, ether of them eightene cubites hye: and a threde of xij. cubites was the measure aboute both ye pilers: 1 Kings 7:16 and he made two knoppes of brasse molten, to set aboue vpon the pilers: and euery knoppe was fyue cubytes hye: 1 Kings 7:17 and on euery knoppe aboue vpon ye pilers seue wrythen ropes like cheynes. 1 Kings 7:18 And vpon euery knoppe he made two rowes of pomgranates rounde aboute on one rope, wherwith ye knoppe was couered. 1 Kings 7:19 And the knoppes were like roses before ye porche foure cubites greate. 1 Kings 7:20 And the pomgranates in the rowes rounde aboute were two hudreth aboue and beneth vpon the rope, which wete rounde aboute the thicknes of the knoppe, on euery knoppe vpon both the pilers. 1 Kings 7:21 And set vp the pilers before the porche of the temple. And that which he set on the right hande, called he Iachin: and that which he set on the lefte hande, called he Boos. 1 Kings 7:22 And so stode it aboue vpon the pilers euen like roses. Thus was the worke of ye pilers fynished.

Of the molten sea.

1 Kings 7:23 And he made a molten lauer ten cubytes wyde from the one syde to the other rounde aboute, and fyue cubites hye, and a threde of thirtie cubites loge was ye measure rounde aboute: 1 Kings 7:24 and aboute the same lauer that was then cubites wyde, there wente knoppes on the edge therof rounde aboute the lauer. Two rowes were there of the knoppes molten with the lauer. 1 Kings 7:25 And it stode vpon twolue bullockes, wherof thre were turned towarde the north, thre towarde the west, thre towarde the south, and thre towarde the east, and the lauer aboue theron, so that all their hynder partes were within vnder the lauer: 1 Kings 7:26 wherof the thicknesse was an handbreth: and the edge of it was like the edge of a cuppe, and as a floured rose, and it conteyned two thousande Battes.

Of the ten bases.

1 Kings 7:27 And he made ten brasen seates, euery one foure cubites longe and brode, and thre cubites hye. 1 Kings 7:28 The seate was made so, that it had sydes betwene the ledges. 1 Kings 7:29 And on the sydes betwene the ledges there were lyons, bullockes and Cherubins. And on ye ledges which were aboue and beneth the lyons and bullockes, were the sydes made so, that they were set downwardes. 1 Kings 7:30 And euery stole had foure brasen wheles with brasen axeltrees. And vpon the foure corners there were proppes molten, euery one ouer agaynst another, vnderset vnto the kettell. 1 Kings 7:31 And the soket vpon the stole was a cubyte hye and rounde, a cubyte and an halfe wyde: and on the soket there were knoppes in foldes, which were foure squared & not rounde. 1 Kings 7:32 The foure wheles stode beneth by the sydes, & the axeltrees of the wheles were harde on ye seate. Euery whele was a cubite and a halfe hye, 1 Kings 7:33 and they were wheles like cart wheles. And their axeltrees, spokes, nales, & shaftes were all molten. 1 Kings 7:34 And the foure proppes vpo the foure corners of euery seate were harde on the seate. 1 Kings 7:35 And on the soket aboue vpon the seate a cubyte and an halfe rounde aboute, there were ledges and sydes harde on the seate. 1 Kings 7:36 And on the plat of the same sydes and ledges, he caused to carue Cherubins, lyons and palme trees, one by another rounde aboute theron. 1 Kings 7:37 After this maner made he ten molte seates, one maner of measure & widenes was in all.

Of the ten lavers,

1 Kings 7:38 And he made ten copper kettels, so that one kettell coteyned fortye Battes, and was foure cubites greate, and vpon euery seate was a kettell. 1 Kings 7:39 And fyue seates set he on the righte syde of the house, and the other fyue on the lefte syde. But the lauer set he before on the righte hande towarde the south.

and all the vessels.

1 Kings 7:40 And Hiram made pottes also and shouels and basens, & so fynished he all the worke, that kynge Salomon caused to be made in the house of the LORDE: 1 Kings 7:41 namely ye two pilers, and the rounde knoppes aboue vpon the two pilers, and the two wrythen ropes to couer the two rounde knoppes vpon the pilers. 1 Kings 7:42 And the foure hudreth pomgranates on the two wrythen ropes, euer two rowes of pomgranates vnto euery rope, to couer the two rounde knoppes vpon the pilers. 1 Kings 7:43 And the ten seates, and ten kettels theron, and the lauer, 1 Kings 7:44 and twolue bullockes vnder ye lauer. 1 Kings 7:45 nd the pottes, shouels and basens. And all the ornamentes which Hiram made vnto kynge Salomon for the house of the LORDE, were of pure metall. 1 Kings 7:46 In the countre by Iordane, caused the kynge them to be molten in thicke earth, betwene Sucoth and Zarthan. 1 Kings 7:47 And Salomon let all the apparell be vnweyed, because the metall was so moch. 1 Kings 7:48 Morouer Salomon made all the apperell that belonged vnto the house of the LORDE: namely a golden altare, a golden table that the shewbred laye on, 1 Kings 7:49 fyue candelstickes on the righte hande, and fyue candelstickes on the lefte (before the quere) of pure golde, wt floures, 1 Kings 7:50 lampes and snoffers of golde, therto flat peces, charges, basens, spones and censours of pure golde. And the hokes of ye dores on the insyde of the house in the most holy, and in the dores of the house of the teple of the LORDE were of golde. 1 Kings 7:51 Thus all the worke that kynge Salomon made in ye house of the LORDE, was fynisshed. And Salomon brought in that his father Dauid had sanctified, of syluer and golde and ornamentes, and layed it amonge the treasures of the house of the LORDE.

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