Bishops' Bible

Leviticus 1

The burnt offerings

Leviticus 1:1 And the Lord called vnto Moyses, and spake vnto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation, saying: Leviticus 1:2 Speake vnto the children of Israel, & thou shalt say vnto them: If a man of yon bring a sacrifice vnto the Lorde, ye shall bryng your sacrifice from among these cattell, euen fro among the beefes and the sheepe.

of the herd,

Leviticus 1:3 If his sacrifice be a burnt offeryng of beefes, let hym offer a male without blemishe, and bryng hym of his owne voluntarie wyll, vnto the doore of the tabernacle of the congregation before the Lorde. Leviticus 1:4 And he shall put his hande vpon the head of the burnt sacrifice, and it shalbe accepted for hym to be his attonement. Leviticus 1:5 And he shal kill the bullocke before the Lord: And the priestes Aarons sonnes shall bryng the blood, and sprinkle it rounde about vpon the aulter that is by the doore of the tabernacle of the congregation. Leviticus 1:6 And then shall he flay the burnt offeryng, and hewe hym in peeces. Leviticus 1:7 And the sonnes of Aaron the priest shall put fire vpon the aulter, and put wood vpon the fire. Leviticus 1:8 And the priestes Aarons sonnes shall lay the partes, euen the head and the fat, vpon the wood that is on the fyre in the aulter. Leviticus 1:9 But the inwardes and the legges thereof shall he washe in water, & the priest shall burne all in the aulter, that they may be a burnt sacrifice, an offeryng made by fire for a sweete odour vnto the Lorde.

of the flocks,

Leviticus 1:10 And if his sacrifice be of flockes, namely of the sheepe or goates, let hym bryng a male without blemishe for a burnt offeryng: Leviticus 1:11 And let hym kyll it on the north syde of the aulter, before the Lorde: And the priestes Aarons sonnes, shall sprinckle the blood round about vpon the aulter. Leviticus 1:12 And he shall cut it into his peeces, euen with his head and his fat: and the priest shall put them vpon the wood that lyeth vpon the fire in the aulter. Leviticus 1:13 But he shall washe the inwardes and the legges with water, and the priest shall bryng altogether, and burne it vpon the aulter for a burnt offeryng, an oblation made by fire for a sweete sauour vnto the Lorde.

of the fowls.

Leviticus 1:14 If the burnt offeryng for the sacrifice of the Lorde be of fowles, he shall bring his sacrifice of turtle doues, or of the young pigeons. Leviticus 1:15 And the priest shall bryng it vnto the aulter, and wryng the necke a sunder of it, and burne it on the aulter: but the blood therof shalbe wroung out vpon the syde of the aulter. Leviticus 1:16 And he shall plucke away his croppe with his fethers, and cast them besyde the aulter on the east part, in the place of asshes. Leviticus 1:17 And he shall breake the wynges of it, but plucke them not asunder: And the priest shal burne it vpon the aulter, euen vpon the wood that is vpon the fire, that it may be a burnt offeryng, an oblation made by fire for a sweete sauour vnto the Lorde.

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